Thursday, October 1, 2009


It's been 13 years and 3 months since we set out to build a haunted house. On this very night, 13 years ago, we opened the doors at 6PM and finally at 7:30 a couple came through our haunt. It was the only customers we had all night. That first year, we were constantly told "I hope you know what you're doing." Despite all the skepticism we continued to do what we love. After 13 years of constantly evolving our haunted houses into haunt productions, tonight our fans are the only ones that can say it best...

How was PF13 tonight?
"Brutal, unexpected, and highly creative." – Logan McKinstry; Greeley, CO
"I loved the psychological part of it. It scared the primitive out of me." – Matt Dimas; Denver, CO
"The sets are amazing." – Luis Amezcua – Highlands Ranch, CO
"I never thought two little boys could scare me so much." – Tyrone Johnson; Littleton, CO

For all of you dreamers, the moral of the story is, "keep your head up."

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